#67: Daffy Disapproves!
"Crypto is libertarian, AI is communist," declared Peter Thiel during a public debate, while referring to decentralization and centralization. Therefore it comes as no surprise that India is moving to eliminate Cryptocurrency. However, they are keen on exploring blockchain tech to transform the country into a fully digital economy. 
Tech Tales
Innovation in Quantum computing is helping us emerge from the era of "toy systems", with machines built to process tasks that classical computers would take eons to solve! 

The near future denotes that all non-blockchain transactions will soon seem archaic, risky and foolishly expensive!

Post the crypto craze, infrastructure projects will enjoy the benefit of the vast impications of blockchain tech. It appears to be the primary tool of transaction for the next generation of providers and consumers. For eg. B2B companies can use blockchain as a virtual bank— to move money, accept deposits and complete transactions sans the hassle of regulations or any other restrictions!

Blockchain Tech is also infiltrating the world of academia.  It will soon enable students to share their official academic records directly with anyone and have them be trusted as authentic.

Get on the blockchain train!
If you're one of those people who send good morning messages to everyone in your contact list, PLEASE STOP!
Indians are flooding the internet with Good Morning messages, even Prime Minister Modi! Maybe efficiently organising your week is a better way to start off your day.
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