#68: Can anyone fix the internet?
We have been talking a lot about tech giants and their aversion to social responsibility lately. Advertising's big spender, Unilever has gone a step further to try and curb their behaviour. They are leveraging their spending power to push the digital media industry to weed out negligent content.  
About time.

Policing of this sort has now become a necessity, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter dominating the digital public sphere. "Gobo" is Ethan Zuckerman's strategy for distributing this control and taking the power back!
Tech Tales
Whatsapp is now venturing into the business of money. Word on the street is that they have launched a beta version of the app with a payment feature that allows person to person transactions. 

The list of blockchain implications keeps getting bigger as we probe deeper. Blockchain now has the potential to empower minorities! Decentralised ledgers can help women in developing countries with land ownership, having bank accounts & taking advantage of job opportunities in the formal economy by providing them with digital IDs. 
In this new age of technological development, since most machines take care of the menial tasks, the nature of jobs in the professional ecosystem is changing. Changemakers are the need of the hour!
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