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As we're all winding down towards the holidays and thinking about going home early, here is why we should be watching the sun, not the clock.

😁Happy holidays!
Everyone knows that to do great work you need both natural ability and determination. But there's a third ingredient that's not as well understood: an obsessive interest in a particular topic.
These days, the seven deadly sins are not all so sinful. Pride, greed, and envy can be framed as by-products of ambition, our most prized virtue. Wrath, when channelled properly, can be understood as righteous outrage.
Disney+ is here, and one of its first big exclusive shows is Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian. The series follows a mysterious bounty hunter as he takes on a secretive job following the fall of the Empire. But outside of the many Easter eggs and action scenes, fans also noticed that Fortnite developer Epic Games appears in the show’s credits.
This is incredible. Watch this video of it in action.
When the Chinese internet was getting off the ground, many Chinese internet companies were clones of US companies; CTrip was just Expedia for China, Dianping was just Groupon for China. 

Turns out those Asian markets weren’t weird, they were just early adopters.

My tween will never know the sound of me calling her name from another room after the phone rings. She'll never sit on our kitchen floor, refrigerator humming in the background, twisting a cord around her finger while talking to her best friend. 
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"One never notices what has been done – only what remains to be done"
– Marie Curie

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