#65: Out with the Old & In with the New!
The worst year in tech is finally over! 2017 proved to be tricky for big players from the Valley, like Facebook, Apple & Uber, as they came under the scrutiny of the public eye for not assuming social responsibility for their actions.

It wasn't all bad though! 2017 also managed to leave us with some breakthrough technologies that will propel us into the future. Lets hope this year is more fruitful than the last. Here's a look at important advances that might take place in the tech industry in 2018.
Tech Tales
Artificial Intelligence is perceived to be at par with human Intelligence, owing to its faced past development but turns out that AI's aren't the sharpest knifes in the drawer. Researchers have figured out how to bamboozle them. Psychedelic Stickers! 

This is not a joke.
This inevitably solves problems of the future.
AIs threatening world domination? Psych them with shiny stickers!

Implementation of Blockchain might have started out with just Cryptocurrency but its beginning to branch out at a high speed. Developers have come up with hundreds of new use-cases for blockchains ranging from hardware convergence to International Development
The beginning of the year usually denotes fresh starts and new strategies. Here's some tips to aid the formulation and execution of your game plans for 2018!
More often than not, the new problems accompany the new year!
If you're struggling to cope with your expanding business Sam Altman's interview is bound to bring you some clarity. 

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