Discovered a major LOL moment on Google maps.
C'mon Google, you can do better, a lot better than that!


The PayPal mafia is a well known bunch of serial entrepreneurs who all were early stage employees of PayPal. Similarly, the Burrp mafia of India has been creating some waves over the past few years. We love the fact that each of them have built businesses with solid revenues rather than relying on heavy funding.

From startups that don't require funding to the ones that do, Nandan Nilekani and Helion's Sanjeev Agarwal have launched a $100M fund called Fundamentum. Interestingly, the fund won't invest in EdTech, FinTech or anything related to Aadhaar and Helion's previous investments to avoid a conflict of interest. Here's wishing them all the best and hoping their investments are better than that name!

"UNESCO has declared Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the best PM in the World." Umm, yes, thank you WhatsApp. The power of free and anonymous messaging is being exploited mostly by the right wing majority in India. The consequences are, to say the least, disturbing. An interesting opinion piece carried in New York Times.  

Tech Tales

Tinder has a million paying users. Up selling premium features has been working like a charm for Tinder. In their most recent move, they've launched Tinder Gold - a premium feature for people to view who already 'likes' them before even swiping left or right. I wonder how that compares to the dopamine hit one gets when they match with someone.

The Amazon vs Walmart fight is gaining momentum post the acquisition of Whole Foods by the former. Walmart has reportedly started asking its suppliers and partners to not use AWS for their cloud infrastructure needs. This is going to be interesting!


Tax law is one of the most complicated concepts known to man, created by man, and implemented on man. #TrueStory. Here's a brilliant piece explaining the GST using samosas and time. Credit to the author Meghanad S for making it a lot easier to understand.