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It seems like EY hasn't been able to get much done in the Blockchain space. They've turned to hackathons, but claim that all IP created during the event would be theirs. Shady, to say the least.

American Tech companies seem to be fairly afraid of offending Indians. From arbitrary censorship in content to banning sale of sex toys on their sites, tech giants from Silicon Valley are trying hard to stay safe and not attract any controversy in India. Who can blame them? Remember that Snapchat controversy?

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Over 120 million subscribers' data from Reliance Jio was hacked and freely available on the dark web. This is possibly the biggest security breach in the country. What's concerning is how Reliance has dealt with the situation. Firstly, the users were never informed of this breach since there is no law to protect the users privacy. On top of that, they've simply tried to discredit the data as unauthentic.

Where's the "Jaago, graahak" campaign when you need 'em?


Today, we have one for the devs. Here is a list of tools for you to get started with building solutions on the Ethereum Blockchain (and change the world?).

Oh, you're not a dev? No worries! Got something for you as well. Gary Vaynerchuk weighs in on an interesting topic/comparison - Sales Vs Branding