Amazon acquired Whole Foods recently, while Walmart acquired Bonobos. It does seem like the two are in a competition to out do the other. Will there be one winner or will the two be able to coexist?

We came across a fairly interesting table depicting the value of secondary stock sales in the US. With over 140 million users, Spotify seems to be killing it.


The world is moving towards automation. That doesn't particularly bode well for India - the global IT outsourcing capital of the world. These tech firms are still posting profits, every quarter, but the number of people on their payroll is decreasing by the day.

Abheek Anand from Sequoia recently shared a treasure trove of highlights from a lecture he attended back in college, from Eric Schmidt, on leadership & management. Sharing one of the 5 pages. The rest can be found here.

Tech Tales

So, it turns out you don't even need to click the submit button on sites for them to collect your information. Increasingly, privacy seems to be a thing of the past. Disappointing.

Netflix is now bigger than cable TV. The great thing about it is the fact that it doesn't just stop there. Having already disrupted the industry by innovating the way content is distributed and consumed, Netflix is now about to launch interactive storytelling. Consumers will soon be able to make choices within story lines and hence, affect the outcome they want the most.


Ankit Agarwal (VP & Head, Performance Marketing at Neo@Ogilvy) talks about the importance of paid marketing, and how founders and CXO’s can take charge of the same. A 50-minute presentation with some really interesting insights.