Whoever is handling the Bangalore Police Twitter account, is simply killing it!
We've also just recently discovered an EPIC sub-reddit for you guys to LOL all day long!


Move over Flipkart & Amazon. Indian homemakers selling via WhatsApp & Facebook have a combined GMV of over $8 Billion! It reiterates the fact that trust is still lacking in Indian e-commerce, and people want to talk to the seller and potentially bargain before making a purchase. This also serves as a validation for our decision to invest in Meesho last year #ShamelessPlug.

Sticking with the theme of eye openers, this New York Times article definitely qualifies for one. It takes a closer look at how technology (internet mainly) is being adopted in rural India. Favorite excerpt - “What does it mean, Google?” his uncle said. “Is it a bird?”

Nearly 40% of Patanjali's 'Ayurvedic' products failed quality testsbetween 2013 and 2016. It's funny how that has had little bearing on the brand image or even the bottom line in any way.Their revenue in FY 17 crossed INR 10,000 cr, making it the second biggest FMCG brand in the Country. Here are the top earners for the brand. At this rate we can sure to see them expand to even more verticals...

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The days of free UPI transactions seem to be coming to a close. HDFC just announced that they will start charging users for every transaction they make via UPI. The suggested charges, when UPI was launched, were 50 paise/transaction, but it seems the bank will charge a minimum of INR 3 + taxes per transaction. What was the point of UPI again?

The image below is titled, 'Yes, please'.

Community based stock trading, where participants vote on the trade of stock with a bankroll of $50k that is live streamed on Twitch - that's what's up.


You know who the best people are to get your business idea(s) funded? Your customers! A very interesting interview with Wade Foster, co-founder of Zapier.

It's very rare to be the only player in a particular space when starting up. So how do you differentiate and choose a competitive strategy? The brilliant Tomasz Tunguz weighs in.