Just gonna put this screenshot here for you to chew over...
So, we saw this trailer of a new web series on Indian startups that's supposed to launch next month. Startup folks after watching the video be like...
To be honest, I'm one of them!


Still not following Crosstalk? Really?

This week on Crosstalk, Manan Shah writes about how to create a content marketing strategy that works. A must read for anyone thinking of using content as a marketing channel (shout out to all SaaS startups). Like, share and criticize!

It's no secret that BJP (just like Trump), has really cracked 'new media'. The UP elections once again showed how 'mainstream media' was projecting something completely different from what was brewing at the ground level. Here's a look at how BJP's IT cell really works. Impressive, yet scary in some ways.

This is not relevant to anything tech-related but Arjun insists I include it because "more people need to experience the phenomenon that is Rakhi Sawant". LOL.

Tech Tales

Cyber security is one of the most ignored areas when it comes to tech products. It's unfortunate that this issue doesn't get any sort of attention in India, mostly due to a lack of information to begin with. McDonalds India is apparently leaking 2.2 million users data. That in itself would be enough for a major lawsuit in any other country!

It's high time we have a 3rd party watch dog to ensure apps follow security protocols to protect user data.

Speaking of protecting user data, the Govt. doesn't seem to care about that either. They've denied the existence of any security loopholes in Aadhaar time and again. Yet, a simple Google search can give anyone access to all kinds of info about a person, including their Aadhaar number!

How much is your privacy worth?

Follow @memeghnad to stay updated with govt. policy. Most of it directly affects us, now!


SaaS as a business model is fast gaining popularity, especially in India. What's not fully understood is the fact that SaaS startups can be further classified based on their value proposition. Who better than Tomasz Tunguz to write about this?!

Hiten Shah gives an interesting insight into Effective Product Workflows in Tech. A good read for fast growing startups.