Market me naya video aaya hai. Dekha kya?

If you are in the Indian startup ecosystem, you probably know of the multiple incidents that have occurred over the past 7 days. Sexual harassment allegations (serious), ex-founder publicly shaming co-founder (juvenile), and of course, a founder being bullied by thugs and the Police (downright absurd). Feel like we're part of a reality TV show :/ 

While the details in all 3 cases are somewhat unclear, we do feel sad in the way things have transpired, especially in the case against Stayzilla where there was little to no regard of the law by the Police #ReleaseYogiNow

We recommend startups to workplace ethics and implement policies seriously, even before they start scaling. We are proud to have a healthy mix in terms of gender as well as background at Investopad and recommend the same to our portfolio companies - it's more fun that ways :)


This week in Crosstalk, super dude Dalan Medonca lays down a framework for Product Management. which can actually be used as a template for most product decisions. Cheggit!
Monetization is considered one of the hardest aspects of digital products and services in India. But a journalist in rural UP has put a lot of startups to shame by successfully monetizing a very basic online service - news! Say whaaaat?!

India is the new promise land. Businesses from around the World recognize the country as one of the most high potential business destinations. The reason for the is the high economic growth rate that the Country projects. But, how reliable is that information? Is it possible that India is just a Ponzi scheme?

Tech Tales

Out of the 14 banks that signed up for the Governements' new payment system - Aadhar Pay, IDFC became the first one to formally launch the service. They aim to reach 50,000 – 75,000 merchants in the next two years.

From being tech enabled, banks are moving towards becoming tech driven corporations. In such scenarios, cyber security automatically becomes one of the most critical aspects of banking. But when you're SBI, well, you're SBI. NOT banking with them for sure!

Speaking of cyber security, an Indian discovered a bug in the Uber app that allowed free travel. To their credit, at least they had a bug bounty program. Are you listening, startups?


Praveen Rajaretnam, co-founder & CMO at Wooplr, shared an amazing deck titled How To Make Betters Ads on Digital. No BS, straight up gold. He's used Wooplr as a case study to showcase the entire process of optimizing ads for your brand.


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