While all of you have probably heard about the United de-boarding fiasco, you may have missed how Southwest Airlines used the opportunity to market themselvesThey had that slogan out less than 24 hours after the incident. And this quick-witted PR stunt isn’t a one-off either – it’s in the DNA of Southwest Airlines.

A little-known fact about the now 85-year old founder Herb Kelleher. When Southwest found a competitor infringing on a copyright, instead of taking them to court Herb challenged the CEO to a public arm-wrestling match! 😆


I've been traveling so I haven't been able to source a high quality piece for Crosstalk this time around. If you feel you can contribute with high quality content for our readers, reach out to me. This week I'd like to share Abhishek Aggarwal's take on the whole Snapdeal saga and what startups can learn from it 💭

Speaking of high quality content, BuzzFeed, of all the media houses in the World, has been doing some of the most interesting news coverage out there. While most media channels are focused on sensationalism, especially on key issues like Aadhaar/UIDAI, BuzzFeed's coverage is just 💯

Everyone in the ecosystem has something to say when it comes to the big e-commerce companies in India. With the consolidation happening, primarily to take on Amazon, this is an interesting interview with ebay CEO Devin Wenig on why they decided to invest $500m in Flipkart💰💰💰

Tech Tales

It seems like a number of big corporate houses have identified Bangalore as the preferred destination for their accelerator programs. Earlier this month Shell Corp. announced their accelerator with a focus on innovative energy projects. Future Group also announced a INR 100 cr corpus for their accelerator program in the City. All the techies in the city taking notice...

Netflix is ramping up its India ops. Their biggest challenge is of course, non uniform bandwidth across the World with HD quality content to offer. To tackle the issue Netflix now deploys caches of its catalog to Indian ISP's for free, updated daily! Sweet. Your move Amazon/Hotstar. 🔥

Seems like WhatsApp has decided it wants to get into digital payments in India. While all the leg work for this story was done by the good folks at the ken, most of the media houses that subsequently carried the story didn't even bother to give them the credit.


A majority of Investors use the same metric frameworks and benchmarks to quickly assess the fundamentals of a SaaS company. It can be interesting to know and understand them before starting the fund raise process. Here are some of those Metric Frameworks & Benchmarks To Know Before Fundraising 💸📈

This next piece was written way back in the year 2000. Funnily enough, a majority of the points made still hold true. When you start a company, the most crucial decision you need to make is whether you're building a Ben & Jerry's or an Amazon. 📜