President Trump, enough said


Ladies & gentleman, presenting to you, New Delhi.
That's the Yamuna river by the way. Thanks to all the air pollution mixing with an already polluted water, a toxic foam has developed over it. And yes, people are praying next to it. #ItHappensOnlyInIndia

Speaking of air pollution, a startup in China seems to be converting air pollution to diamonds!

Know of any startups tackling this issue in India? Asking for a friend :)


I hear millennials are asking for prenups to protect their apps and inventions.

Not sure if I feel inadequate or bemused at this :|
Giphy, our main go-to-site here at Investopad, was valued at $600m recently. The website doesn't make any money yet, but is looking at brand partnerships to unlock revenue generation. 

I guess, I'm just bemused.

Home Base

RBI & the Govt. of India pulled off a stellar move yesterday by getting rid of all the existing 500 & 1000 rupee notes. All ATMs in the country are shut for 24-48 hours, resulting in scenes like this.

In other news, the boss seems to be adding value with some game-changing decisions... *sigh*

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Andrew Chen and Ankit Jain did some stellar research on app DAUs, to come up with some pretty intriguing facts. Apparently, the average app loses 77% of its DAUs within the first 3 days after the install. Those early hooks play a lot more of a role in your apps retention than you thought!

Sarah Travel from Greylock Partners writes an interesting piece on how saving money extends beyond how we spend it to how we manage it as well. Meanwhile, my situation be like...


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