Trumped up, tickled down...


While Donald Trump was busy trying to woo the Indian Community in his usual yet shocking manner, TechCrunch carried an interesting comparison between the Donald and Peter Thiel - a surprising and pretty vocal supporter of the Trump campaign.
Thiel's support for Trump has resulted in some backlash against YC for standing by him. Tweetstorms, like this one, by veteran Silicon Valley folks are not doing them any good. It's not just YC, Thiel is on the boards of a number of companies. How does one solve a problem like this?!

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Home Base

The world is turning it's attention to India. That's probably because there's been a rapid shift from being money-saving, service providers to consumers. >1B potential customers? Yes, please!

A simplified breakdown of the Google Play Store trends in India over the past couple of years suggests Chinese apps have started dominating the space in our smartphones.

Education has always been a high priority among Indians...

Ahem... No wonder India has become the second largest market for Coursera. The recent strategic tie up with Manipal Global suggests these numbers will only rise... rapidly.

Meanwhile, Truecaller opened up its TrueSDK for third party authentication. That's a direct competition to the likes of Facebook & Google and has resulted (claimed) in a 25% increase in conversions post integration. BIG!


Paul Adams, VP of Product at Intercom, makes an interesting point when he says that the next generation of startups won't build apps. Seems like we're moving to the next iteration of the internet. #Futurist

There is enough precedent to show that small startups can beat FMCG giants on their own turf. Cornerstone's CEO, Oliver Bridge, weighs in.


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