According to this rudimentary estimate, there are about 12 million weddings in India every year #scale. Uber seems to have noticed that and with the wedding season already in full flow, they've gone ahead and launched UberWEDDINGS. Love it!
Meanwhile, Tesla continues to try and save this World. They just solar powered an entire island that used to burn ~500k litres of diesel per year!

Tech Tales

Donald Trump is the President-elect of the US but a vast majority of the Tech industry are still in disbelief. But what can you do in such a situation? Simon Ross (founder of Techonomy) seems to have a plan.

Meanwhile, the current innovation cycle has lead Amazon to create quite a stir with Amazon Go - a fully automated grocery store without any counters. Not sure if this one'll come to India!

If you're still ignoring Snapchat, you're a dinosaur. Evan Spiegel is by far one of the best product people out there. He's literally revolutionized social networks.

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Amazon Launchpad spread its wings to India recently, making the Blink Smartwatch their flagship product. This also prompted a number of queries about the company and the reasons behind our investment decision last year. In case you're wondering, here it is.

P.S. - Place your order before they run of stock!

Meanwhile, a journalist showed how Snapchat frees sex abuse victims to talk without fearing recognition - the biggest reason for a majority of them not coming forward. Brillirant.


CAC is one of the most important metrics for startups, but how do you calculate it? Patrick Campbell, co-founder of Profit Well shares his take.

Agree with the above image? Neil Patel certainly does, while also talking about using this approach for marketing as well.


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