Witworks (one of our portfolio teams), is launching Blink, a smart wearable device at YourStory TechSparks on September 30th, 2016. The tickets for the event can be obtained here. Don't forget to use the code: TS16TOBLPL, to get a heavy discount. Or watch the live stream here.

North Korea is a land of mysteries. Primarily because they threaten to nuke anyone who tries to enter. Last week their local internet was accidentally made visible to the outside world and people saw all 28 of their websites.

And lastly, here's what we liked about the Presidential Debate on Monday night - the tweets.

About the Giants

After months of speculation, Snapchat has finally revealed what it's doing in the hardware space. Spectacles. Unlike Google Glass, Snap Inc.'s Spectacles won't give you a weather update if you look slightly to the left and up. They do look much better though.

In case you needed a visual comparison...

Talking about Google, Google Capital is apparently co-leading an $850 M round that AirBnB is raising. This round will value AirBnB at $30 B.

Meanwhile, Twitter looks to be moving towards getting acquired


Defensibility is the measure of how protected your startups is from competitors in the market. In this digital age, most of the parameters of traditional businesses that made them defensible, are not applicable anymore. James Currier takes a look at how a startup can become defensible.

Growth hacking is a sought after skill nowadays. The definition was a lot loose a decade ago. Some of today's well-known companies engaged in what can only be qualified as unethical growth hacks. Tam Pham investigates.

Josh Elman discusses the 5 types of virality.

Lastly, here's a really good piece about why you need to integrate transparency into your company culture.

Closer to home

India has always been the land of smart lads. These smart lads don't always put their brains to constructive use though. Last week, an ex-Ola (now with Uber) driver revealed how he consistently took Ola for a ride (see what I did there..I'm funny).

Former Snapdeal CPO, Anand Chandrasekaran, joined Facebook to work on the Messenger app. 

What's been up

Our portfolio team Meesho recently returned from a stint at YCombinator. Last week, Tim Brady (Partner, YCombinator) dropped by Investopad to say hi to them.

Last Sunday, we hosted an exclusive screening of the InVision-produced documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS at Investopad Gurgaon. Were you there? Feel like discussing the film? Holler at us


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