Patents, Quantum Computing, AI; it's all happening this week!


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Deepak Abbot has been busy doing something we've all thought of during our Uber rides - actually becoming an Uber Driver! Here's how it went.

Be there or be square

Growth hacks are one of the hardest things to crack for early stage startups. They're also one of the most crucial things. We've teamed up with Anirudh Narayan to conduct a one day bootcamp at Investopad Koramangala. Join us!

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Quantum Leaps

IBM seems to be going the Tesla way, well almost. They've just made their Quantum Computer available on the IBM cloud

NASA seems to have gone the same way with a bunch of their patents.

And finally, Facebook is building an AI to help engineers build AI

Vantage Point

Sam Friend invested $50k into back in 2010. He saw his investment rise up to $1m only to see the company crash & burn years later. He shares interesting learnings from this journey. Stuff every entrepreneur (especially early stage) could benefit by.

Brain Feed

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