Bill Gurley in On the road to recap gets down to brass tacks in explaining how the late-stage financing markets for technology "unicorns" in the US have got to where they are.

Closer to home, Haresh Chawla broke down what Flipkart needs to do to make its way out of the edge of a cliff in Saving Private Flipkart

Ola announced in-car Wi-Fi which could, in theory, make metropolitan Wi-Fi a reality using taxis to create a mesh network

Be there or be square

India Internet Day 2016
If you're going to attend one event this year, #iDay 2016 should be your pick. The folks running it have given us a discount code, "INV" – only to be used by true players.
Get your ticket here.

IIT Delhi NCR South Chapter's 2nd 'Lessons in Entrepreneurship and Leadership'
Join Alok Mittal, Varun Arya, Yogesh, Andlay and Rahul Shukla on the 1st of May at Investopad, Gurgaon.
Click here for more details.

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Ps. Can you people please take a hint and buy me an Amazon Echo? I have no frands kaaming frum Umrika

Stop reading this, go back to work

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