#71: Zuckerborg 563
"Mark Zuckerberg, for your crimes against the internet and horrible impersonation of Data from Star Trek we sentence you to 10 years of mandatory downvotes and shitty memes."  
Zuckerberg's tight lipped stint at the  congressional hearing has reduced him to an unfeeling robot in the world wide web.

Zucker-borg, if you must.
It's hardly surprising that the guy who spent most of his time at college hiding out in his dorm doesn't do well in public settings.

What is surprising is the internet's great nonchalance regarding the whole situation.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
It's not all about Zuc though.
A room full of dinosaurs who can't operate their own email and who repeatedly authorised domestic surveillance, asking questions about data privacy made for some truly rich comedy.
Well.. it seem's like the elderly all over the globe need help getting their tech right.

Tripura Chief Minister, Biplab Deb claims that Dhritarashtra, from the Mahabharata,  received highlights from the battle field with the use of "Internet and technology".
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