#70: True or False?
Our last couple of issues have taken a dig at tech giants for being socially irresponsible but it turns out its not all their fault. The people can share the blame! A study from MIT concluded false news spreads faster than truth on the internet, thanks to human nature and our tendency to harp on negativity.  
Tech Tales
Elon Musk and disruption have become synonymous in the world of tech. CB insights recently did a deep dive into  the 8 Industries that Musk's companies are taking on. 
They concluded that Musk and his companies aren’t actually disrupting the state of play with new inventions. All they're doing is taking failed ideas and bringing them back to life.

Musk disagrees. 

Everyone is jumping on the blockchain train. Long Island Iced Tea Corp. whose original business was selling non-alcoholic beverages is now "Long Blockchain", a company seeking to partner with or invest in companies that develop decentralised ledgers.
Everyone is doing it! Heres a list of 9 companies that are pivoting towards blockchain and winning! 
With all this buzz being generated blockchain requires governance frameworks now more than ever! 
Is your smart phone zapping your concentration and minimising productivity? Find out.
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Yes. We haven't done one of these for a while but we have a good one for you this month.

We are covering UNI, a in-house Startup working out of our Delhi Studio, focused on creating a digital universal boarding pass for all public transport.

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Come on down to our Delhi Studio for a workshop on The Perfect Digital Launch conducted by Ravi Soni, co-founder of one of our in- house startUps, Obbserv.

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