#62: Millenials: Not just narcissists!
Are we really that bad?
Turns out not all millennials are entitled & narcissistic. The conscientious millennial (also known as the unicorn by some) does exist! The ImPact, a Sustainable Investments initiative founded by the Ford and Rockefeller progenies aims to create measurable social benefit through its investments.
Solving unemployability in India – Crosstalk
Less than 10% of today's graduating Indian youth find jobs in the fields they studied, just because they haven’t clocked in the years to qualify for a job yet! Check out @najmuzzaman's piece on the possible solutions for this calamity. 
China's Quantum Tech Project has upped their National Security game to LVL 10000 with the launch of the world’s first unhackable computer network that gives them access to “unbreakable” encrypted communications.

Speaking of things that are easily broken, Uber recently lost the data of 57 million people during a cyber security breach. They also had to pay the hackers an odd $100,000 payment  to keep the attack under wraps and delete the information.

Take a hint from China, Uber.

They don't have it all wrong though. UberAir might be a thing by 2020.
Thought you were late to cash in on the bitcoin train? Apparently not.  The value of bitcoins is going to quadruple by 2018!

Get ahead while you can!

These 50 startups can also be added to the list of things that will boom in the year 2018. Looks like they took a page from this investment case study of market giants like AliBaba, WhatsApp & Zynga.

In other news, 15,000 scientists from 184 countries have issued a "Warning to Humanity" stating that current and future human health and wellbeing are at serious risk from climate change.  No wonder Anti-natalist philosopher, David Benatar is advising humankind against reproducing. 
We are doing our bit to contain this hazard by collaborating with 2041 Climate Force! Join us!
Enabling the Ecosystem

We aim to enable conversations between tech-entrepreneurs and investors. Our Delhi studio was recently instrumental in an in-house cohort where Original4Sure raised $400K seed from the Mumbai Angels.

Wanna cash in on perks from this cookie jar? Apply for our tech-entrepreneurship program.

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Groundbreaking startups are being built at our coworking studios everyday! Here's our profile of Monsoon CreditTech - an AI in financial services.

If terms like Fintech, ML, AI, Data Science tickle your fancy then Monsoon might have a job for you. Check them out.

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