#61: no skills, just a pretty face
Did you even realise that it's been 4 weeks since our last newsletter? If you did – we love and missed you too. If you didn't – well then, it's pretty clear where we stand. 
Social media influencers, aka "influpreneurs", have become the millennial dream. Who wouldn't love to be paid to maintain an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed while gallivanting around the world and receiving free things? Advertisers are spending $1B per year on influencer marketing. So it came as no surprise when we heard about the black market for Instagram verification.

Just when we thought that was wild, China takes influencer status to the next level. One idol shut down Weibo for two hours when he announced he has a girlfriend. His fandom boasts 40M people and their number one reason for following him is his pretty face.

Side note: Investopad has some pretty faces and we don't have that kind of fandom - share the love!
According to the data kings at CB Insights, AI will put 10M jobs at risk in the US. While many startups focus on the jobs that can be cut and made more efficient, our interests lie in enablement.

Meesho, an Investopad portfolio company has just announced its $3.4M Series A led by SAIF Partners. While that's juicy news, the real juice is why we invested in them - @youngarjeezy tells all. 
While it's hard for us to get small, tangible things to do what we want, there are people figuring out how to move some big isht out there. Australia did a 100km pilot run of a driverless, unmanned freight train. Oh, and the shipping industry is about to get disrupted with "ghost ships". Aaand, we might as well tell you about Aston Martin's $4M limited edition submarine. Who's buying?  
Ha! We know you're a true procrastinator. Here you go: 
If you know who we are, you know where our offices are. And if you know where our offices are, there's no excuse for you to miss these: 
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