If you're wondering about the subject line, no, it's not a mistake. You'll just need to read to the end to find out more :)
A couple of days back, we woke up to news that India is no longer the fastest growing economy in the world thanks to the whole demonetization saga. It's funny how polarized people are in their opinion of the move. So we thought we'd run a quick poll among the startup janta to see what you guys think.

At the macro level, are you happy with the demonetization decision? [Twitter Poll]

FYI, it's 50-50 at the time of publishing this newsletter.

Tech Tales

A lot has been happening in the global startup ecosystem. However, it was the acquisitions like that of QuizUp by Glu Mobile ($7.5m) and of course, Trello by Altassian ($425m) that grabbed the headlines.

Meanwhile, Snap Inc. has been working overtime to ensure all goes well with their IPO. They quietly placed Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton as a chairman a few months back. Makes total sense given the direction they're heading in.

Crosstalk (FKA Home Base)

We recently launched Crosstalk, a Medium publication focused on bringing you voices from the Indian startup ecosystem. Check out some of the previous posts here, and let us know what you think!

If you're interested in contributing to Crosstalk, just shoot an email to kartic [at] investopad [dot] com.

Blogger Nishant Rao feels we don't give enough credit to Flipkart for spearheading the Indian startup ecosystem since the past decade. He does have a point there. We are quick to scrutinize Flipkart & Ola's balance sheets while not realizing Amazon & Ubers' probably look the same, if not worse!

Speaking of Amazon, the recently launched of Prime Video is winning over hearts of the Indian audience with their visible focus on original Indian content. It's quickly headed in the direction of what we all were hoping Netflix India would be! Having officially launched in India over a year back, Netflix seems to have lost a huge opportunity to capture a major chunk of the lucrative Indian market.


This week in ज्ञान we give you a round up of the top 30 lessons in entrepreneurship in 2016. Shout out to the awesome content team at First Round Capital for doing the hard work on this.

Speaking of First Round Capital's content team, here's another really interesting piece about content marketing and why click bait always hurts companies in the long run. Kinda obvious, right? Well, read on to know why not! *wink*


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