With the turn of the year, there seems to be a lot happening in the startup world. But first, we'd like to thank our partners, AWS for providing some great value to us, our portfolio and the ecosystem as a whole.
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Tech Tales

The whole "fake it till you make it" philosophy works only to an extent. Unfortunately we've seen a number of instances in India where entrepreneurs took it a bit too far. A certain housing company comes to mind *wink*. Turns out, Silicon Valley has had its own fair share of scandals over the past couple of years as well. Humans x_x
Let's make a new years' resolution to only borrow the good stuff from SV?

For eg, look at how Amazon innovates differently in specific business scenarios.

Home Base

First things first, we recently launched the Crosstalk Publication on Medium, featuring posts from us and some of the top startup folks in India. This week, our very own Devanshi Patel talks about the glaring shortage of women in Indian Venture Capital.
Remember the protectionist saga we wrote about last time?  Refresher: a couple of Indian tech companies have been lobbying the government to insulate them from foreign competition. In this week's episode, a veteran of the Indian Angel community has spoken out against them.

Three years ago One97 Communications launched Paytm. It's gone on to become the default digital wallet for India. This week, Paytm marked their 3 year anniversary to pivot to a Payments Bank. Really excited to see how they take on the traditional banking industry!
Meanwhile, Google is slowly coming to terms with how Indians hate to pay for services/apps online. RBI's tough policies against recurring payments doesn't help either. But they've made a significant step by adding direct carrier billing for Vodafone & Airtel users. Nooice.


Marketing to the right audience is one of the most critical elements to success for any product or service. Nischal Shetty, founder of Crowdfire, challenges entrepreneurs to to clearly define their target audience.

Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia, breaks down the mystery behind Pokemon Go's phenomenal success that saw them get to $600m in just 30 days! His take back, you ask? Market where you have no competition!


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