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Entrepreneurship has gone mainstream & the bar for startup CEO's is much higher now.  So how can an entrepreneur go from being a founder to the CEO? Vani Kola shares her view.

AR is here, and how!

Pokemon Go! has been a revelation. It took a game to catch on like wildfire to finally wake up the world to the potential of AR. I'm pretty sure you've already read a million articles on the game that state how its taken over the internet.

The awesome team at CBInsights went 'Pokemon headline hunting' and compiled them for all to see. What a time to be alive!

Be there or be Square

A lot of stuff happening in Delhi/NCR & Bangalore over the next fortnight. Be sure to attend relevant events in your city:

  • July 22nd - AWS is doing an interactive session on Enabling the Lean Startup with the right Infrastructure Web Services [Bangalore]
  • July 26th - A developer session to learn more about Branch's no-charge growth-tech [Gurgaon]
  • July 27th - Start-up - Funding, Preparing for Next Big Step [Bangalore].

The Ultimate Mic Drop

Barack Obama's approval ratings have gone through the roof as his final term comes to an end. Must be easy when you've become the first sitting President ever to have published a scholarly article, while the next potential President is busy being insecure about his small hands. 

Rocket 'Controversy' Internet

It was Foodpanda last year, this year it's Jabong. This investigative piece almost sounds like the plot for a movie.

And the plot thickens as we see some backlash as well!

Silicon Valley

No, not the show. Just that the age bias that's been prevalent in SV is being challenged by industry veterans, who established the bias in the first place! #SiliconValleyThings

Speaking of SV, YCombinator just announced they'll be visiting India for a bit later this year. This comes after they shortlisted 3 Indian startups to their summer batch this year. Our portfolio company, Meesho being one them. BOOM! 

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