Err'body wants to be a Unicorn. Nobody wants to be a Griffin or a Hydra. But you most certainly don't want to become the Kraken. Relax, I'm not on the molly. The good people at Quartz sat down and created a detailed list of the Beasts of Silicon Valley and its beautiful.

Thiel VS Gawker feat. Hogan

If you've been following Peter Thiel's investments, you know exactly what I'm talking about here. His investment of $10 million in Hogan's case against Gawker hasn't gone down well with a lot of people. This open letter is the last dialogue that Gawker attempted with Thiel. 

Gawker has lost the lawsuit and owes Hogan $140 million. This verdict has raised concerns over the larger issue of journalistic freedom. The New Yorker addressed just that in this article

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"Most new ideas are not in response to new markets, they are the result of new technologies

In this scintillating piece, Jerry Neumann examines Clayton Christensen’s definition of disruption, how Uber and Square don't fit this definition and why disruption as a strategy sucks.

Carthago delenda est

"Facebook is full of true believers who really, really, really are not doing it for the money

In 2011, Google launched Google Plus and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg with his militant engineers went to war. Former Facebook employee, Antonio Garcia Martinez was in the trenches fighting this war. Here he describes the Napolean leadership of Zuck, the religion that is Facebook, the lockdown, and how Facebook won the war. A great read!

While we're talking about Zuckerberg, did you know he's as bad with his passwords as I am? "dadada", really Mark?


Tesla recently released the data collected by its Autopilot program and it looks pretty good. Check out the image above.

KPCB released this report on Internet Trends and all it says about India is that it has surpassed USA as the 2nd largest Internet market in the world.

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You little rebel you!