Issue #21

Deja vu…

An overexcited someone clicked the "Send" button a little too quickly this morning.
An overexcited someone is going to be disciplined later.

The Indian government finally formalized rules allowing 100% FDI in e-commerce marketplaces - it's huge for Snapdeal but not good news for Amazon & Flipkart who act majorly as retailers.

Ps. A quick search shows that searches for "Chinese dragon" are 9x higher in the US than China! Come on guys, it's 2016.

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And speaking of porn, check out this genius corn store. If it rings any bells, you should probably think about clearing your browser history…

WTF is going on in America?

  1. It's a bittersweet moment where I realize our politicians may not be the biggest jokers in the world. But this joke of a campaign seems to be going too far…
    Donald Trump has talked about his penis size, proposed banning Muslims entering the country, bombing families of terror suspects, and generally being sexist.

  2. Separately somewhere else in the US - after some parents complained, yoga was banned in classrooms as well as saying the word "namaste".

  3. Zenefits was a darling valued at $4.5 billion. Then it was revealed they made software allowing their brokers to cheat mandatory tests and it all tanked. 250 people were fired, employees were smoking, drinking, and having sex in stairwells.

  4. If you had fears about the rise of AI, a bot launched by Microsoft took less than 24 hours to get out of hand, turning racist, anti-women and spinning Nazi rhetoric.

What is going on…