#59: Digital payments are for maal, blockchains for bakar and we're hiring
Millenials being millenials
Almost a third of our US counterparts have used Venmo to pay for drugs…
Meanwhile, Aadhar-linked banking means we're reverting further into the pre-demonetisation paradigm of cash for maal.
House of Tata
Fortune recently did an extensive piece on the Tata Group's new Chairman, Natarajan Chandrasekaran and the massive empire he will manage:
That feels like a lot of green, but it doesn't compare to Trump's billions and billions and billions…
Stop… I need you…
Yes, you.

We're hiring and – as the Donald would say – this is going to be huuuge.
Get involved now.

Roles are in DEL/BLR for:
  • Lead Editor | to do a much better job than I'm doing today and extensive work in areas like this
  • Director of Tech Communities | similar domain as above
  • an Investment Associate | prerequisite: top-notch coffee-making skills. Jokes! we will be friends, I promise – that was the first time I made you smile <3

Tell your friends, tell their friends, tell everybody.

Find an intro to any of us.
Our team
Just know that the handsome dude in the middle makes decisions (he didn't just steal the password from a shared Google Doc to write the newsletter this week).

"No way, that can't be how they store logins!"

Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

Just call me maybe.
Blockchain bakar
Personally, I'm very skeptical of cryptocurrencies but very intrigued by blockchain technology. I think the unusually high number of vendors across industries in India is a ripe opportunity for blockchain tech – Bajaj Electricals, of all people, recently piloted a super-interesting implementation for suppliers.

If you're working on (or even thinking about) applying blockchain to vendor payments, I would love to hear from you.
Also, what do you think are other India-specific problems that blockchain could help solve?

In other news involving buzzwords-du-jour, this clickbait-ey title recently caught my eye:

AI and Bitcoin catch sex trafficker

I couldn't resist clicking and was not disappointed:

An AI tool was trained to use ML to find patterns in suspicious sex-related online classifieds. As credit cards are not accepted on such websites, Bitcoin is the primary payment method. The AI then trawls through Bitcoin's blockchain to spot transactions linked to these suspicious classifieds clusters.

And just last week, a trafficker who kidnapped a 13-year old girl was prosecuted directly as a result of this tool.

We are living in the future friends.
Now let me drop some knowledge…
  • "Past experience is dismissed as the primitive refuge of those who do not have the insight to appreciate the incredible wonders of the present" – Howard Marks // Oaktree: There they go again… again

  • "Marriage contracts could be as individually tailored as other contracts are in our diverse capitalist world." – David Boaz // Slate: Privatize Marriage

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