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Amazon India is looking to honor innovators (in mobility and IoT), who are proving to be real game-changers, at the AWS Mobility Awards 2017. Go register! 👍

It's been over 6 months since the (populist?) demonetization saga. Initially we were given updates by the RBI on a regular basis. Nothing off late though. What was the point of this whole move again? 💸

Speaking of moving to digital currency, IRCTC seems to have moved in the opposite (and logical) direction by introducing a COD option for 600 cities (in phase 1)! Great move, seeing that a majority of the public still prefer paying by cash and digital transactions still have a 30% failure rate.
We came across two reports based on multiple surveys on how Indians earn and how much do Indians pay for houses. Both of these are fairly intriguing reads and offer some insights into the class divide that's becoming larger in the Country. I'd love to hear thoughts on this. Tweet to us or simply reply to this mail! 📨

Tech Tales

I couldn't help but share this funny clip of cryptocurrency expert answering a question about Aadhaar and it's security. Totally worth the 3 minutes. 💥

To add to that, the Centre for Internet & Society (a think tank), just released a report on how the Government is leaking fraud friendly information of over 130,000,000 people registered on Aadhaar.
In other news, it seems like engineers from Hyderabad are either a 0 or 1. The 1's are in the US and the 0's are the worst engineers in the Country. Talk about extremes! 💭


People management is one of the more under rated qualities in founders. Steven Sinofsky from Andreessen Horowitz gives a primer on what it really means. 💯

Hiten Shah recently published an interesting piece comparing the on boarding experience of some of the top SaaS products out there. Plenty of take backs. ✔️