Issue #32


Ever wake up sweating in the middle of the night worrying about how to price your product? Yeah me too.

In this a16z podcast, Mark Cranney and Martin Casado talk to managing partner Scott Kupor about pricing for startups.

Facebook VS Ad-Blockers

Zucks did a Trump and blocked ad-blockers on the desktop version of Facebook.
It didn't work, to say the least. AdBlock Plus informed users of a simple tweak to their settings to block ads literally 2 days later.

A bunch of people believe that this is a war Facebook cannot win. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter.

NSA hacked

The people that hack everyone, just got hacked. Turns out no one's safe. :|

A group calling themselves the Shadow Brokers, published a bunch of hacking tools that the NSA used, on Github. Ironically, NSA seemed to have been saved from all out humiliation because of Edward Snowden. Yeah..

Home Teams

These last 2 weeks have been particularly good for us. While was trending on ProductHunt last week, this week it was Lisn, one of our in-house teams. You should check them out.

In other news, Meesho, one of our portfolio teams and YC 2016 Summer batch attendee, got covered by TechCrunch and TechInAsia amongst other media houses. 

Life is good! :)

The Indian Scene

While Oyo was raising a $62 million round from Softbank last week, Ola decided to let go of roughly a 1000 employees and is shutting down its TaxiForSure unit.

Hike, the messenger app, raised $175 million from China’s Tencent Holdings Ltd, Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group and other investors in a round that propelled it to the elite list of unicorns.


Seriously? We talked about this.

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